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                   Fisherman's Warf, Monterey Bay


                                                 Bio of Mark DeMaria

I am a third generation fisherman. I fished for nine years before injuring my hand fishing. I have now taken up the hobby of building model fishing boats. Each boat is hand-made and takes several months to build. The models below include those of early wood styles to the more modern metal boats of today. Currently, I have many hand-crafted boats in art galleries around the Monterey Bay area in California.

Now, I am currently looking for a company who would be interested in manufacturing these boats as model building kits to self-assemble. So far, I have a little salmon troller named, "Old Tarr" with assembly plans to be 7 3/4". The "Andrea Gail" boat from the Movie, "The Perfect Storm," which I have built, would also make a good assembly kit for those interested. 

Click the contact info link for my contact information to purchase models or discuss manufacturing plans.

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